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Western Resources Title Customer Complaint Policy

At Western Resources Title (WRT) we believe that a customer complaint is just as important and valuable as receiving a new order. A core tenet of this belief is that in the eyes of the customer, an opportunity was afforded to provide a service and we did not meet their expectations.

The Consumer Protection Act and other regulatory framework established the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which calls for a specific division within a company to focus on improving oversight, analysis, speed of resolution, and reporting of complaints filed by consumers. For us, this is not simply a compliance issue, but an opportunity to address the complaint and use it as part of a strategy to improve our service and drive growth.

A customer complaint is our call to action to turn a potential loss of one customer, plus the potential multiplier result associated with that loss, into a learning and change opportunity that will produce better service, products, and satisfied repeat customers.

We realize that we risk a great loss of what even one customer can generate with the withdrawal of their patronage at best, or at worst, become a target for their negative criticism about the company and our products if we do not honestly listen to their criticism and attempt to resolve the situation and learn from the experience. Therefore, recognizing the importance of responding quickly and efficiently to an unsatisfied customer is our primary goal.

Regardless of the circumstances, we are here to listen carefully and assess every situation brought to our attention with the utmost care and respect that every customer deserves.

At WRT we take a broader approach with the intent of using complaint information as a way to enhance the entire customer experience, to make needed improvements in our operations, staff content knowledge, customer service skills, communication and resolution skills, product quality or simply upgrading our services.

Our complaint email address is Our complaint management team is very well versed and adapted in the operations of the company and its products.

Upon the receipt of a complaint, our procedures are as follows:

  • Acknowledge complaint within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Respond via email, phone, or in writing to the customer that we have received the complaint and will be researching or investigating all information necessary to analyze the problem and reach a resolution.  
  • Effectively communicate with consumers regarding progress of resolution while also addressing any recent updates as they occur.

We welcome your comments and concerns as well as complaints. Our goal is to make every customer a happy customer.