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Financial Calculators and Worksheets

Need to determine a monthly mortgage payment? Loan payments? These calculators and worksheets make math easy for home buyers, home sellers and real estate agents.

Prop 19 Calculator

California owners of a primary residence over 55 years of age, or severely disabled*, or a victim of a wildfire or natural disaster may transfer the base year value of their primary residence to a replacement primary residence located anywhere in California that is purchased or newly constructed as that person’s principal residence within two years of the sale of the original primary residence. In order to estimate the potential new base year value of the replacement principal residence, upon approval of a qualifying claim, please provide the information below.

Simple Loan Calculator

This calculator will compute a loan’s monthly payment and total interest charges.

Seller’s Net Proceeds

This form may be used to calculate an estimate of seller’s net proceeds after deducting the closing costs involved in selling a property.


This is a simple calculator that shows you the balance of your loan over the length of the loan.

Buyer’s Cost Estimate

This worksheet provides an estimate of the total cost of buying a home and taking out a home loan.

Rent vs. Buy

While purchasing a home is often the better option, there are times when renting may be a better choice. This worksheet helps you determine what may be best for you.

Mortgage Term Comparison

This calculator will help you to compare monthly payments and interest costs of home mortgages at various loan term lengths.

Loan Comparison

This Loan Comparison worksheet computes an estimate of the size of your monthly loan payments.


This calculator will help you to decide whether or not you should refinance your current mortgage at a lower interest rate.

Down Payment Comparison

This calculator will compute a loan’s monthly payment based on down payment amount.

Date Calculator (TRID)

This calculator will compute the Closing/Consummation DATE Timing Calculator

Disclaimer: Results received from these calculators are designed for illustrative purposes only, and accuracy is not guaranteed. Western Resources Title does not guarantee the accuracy of any information and is not responsible for any errors, omissions, or misrepresentations. If you have questions on the legal or tax implications of a particular transaction, please consult an attorney or obtain other professional advice.