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How to Avoid 11th Hour Title Issues

By June 10, 2016September 20th, 2021Uncategorized

TRID-BackgroundOur goal is to get a real estate transaction closed on time and ensure clear title.  There are several items that can delay the closing of a transaction.  Some show up when the Preliminary Title Report is prepared, while others may be discovered during a conversation with the owner or other agent.

It is critical that you bring these to the attention of your escrow and title professionals immediately.

These items may require added clearance and processing time for escrow and title:

  • Establishing the Fact of Death of an Owner of Record
  • The Use and Proper Execution of a Power of Attorney
  • Family or Business Trusts
  • Liens and/or Judgments – Federal or State Taxes, Spousal Support, Child Support, etc.
  • Probate
  • Bankruptcy
  • Transfer or Loans Involving Corporations or Partnerships
  • Buyer or Seller Traveling or Living Outside of the United States
  • Changes in Buyers
  • Change in Policy Coverage
  • Recently Built or Remodeled Properties
  • Property Recently Foreclosed Upon
  • Physical Inspection Findings—Encroachments, Off-Record Easements
  • Proper Execution of Documents—Grantees Compare to Trustors, Proper Jurats and Notary Seals
  • Short Sale with Multiple Loans

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