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Requirements for Closing a Trust Sale…

Depending on the vesting of a property (the way title is held), the title company insuring its sale will have certain requirements before they are able to close and complete the transaction. Here are just some of those requirements with regard to…TRUSTS:

  1. A Certification of Trust* pursuant to Section 18100.5 of the California Probate Code in a form satisfactory to the Title Company.
  2. Copies of those excerpts from the original trust documents and amendments thereto which designate the trustee and confer upon the trustee the power to act in the pending transaction.
  3. Other requirements which the Title Company may impose following its review of the material required herein and other information which the Title Company may require to insure the pending transaction (e.g. Identification info to verify that the persons signing and those authorized in said trust are one and the same).

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